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Cannatonic FECO in KLIK 1:1 (CBD:THC) Sublingual oil

Cannatonic FECO in KLIK 1:1 (CBD:THC) Sublingual oil

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Lab report in photos;

1.50 ml package contains:

  • 239.85 mg THCa
  •   88.95 mg THC (11% daily limit)
  • 255.15 mg CBDa
  •   27.00 mg CBD

0.025 ml dose contains:

  • 4.00 mg THCa
  • 1.48 mg THC
  • 4.25 mg CBDa
  • 0.45 mg CBD

Made from tops of our Cannatonic plant. High in CBD, this is great for pain, stress, anxiety, and tremors.

B-Myrcene: Anti-Inflammatory, pain relief, sedative

Guaiol: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial.

Limonene: Aids digestion, antifungal, reduces inflammation, anti-anxiety.

a-Pinene: energizing, boosts focus, bronchodilator, memory aid.

B-Caryophyllene: Pain relief, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety.

Full extract cannabis oil blended with coconut oil for bio-availability for oral (sublingual) delivery. Dispensed in Klik device for easy administration and accurate dosing.

KLIK device dispenses .025 ml per click for customizable treatment. 

Ideal for consistent dosing, take directly by mouth or add to your favorite beverage or recipe. May take affect in as little as 15 minutes, can take up to 2 hours. 

1.5 ml = 60 doses

*Actual product shown in photos



Also available in crude form and capsules.

 * contains coconut oil 

Prices listed includes applicable 23% Adult Use tax or 7% Medical tax for the state of Montana and Yellowstone county.

Max order info: 800 mg THC per day/ 4000 grams per month.

Care Instructions

Store in a cool dry location.

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